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With the dawn of a Sunny morning but a cold day in the winter of 1988, “IKEBANA” the first “Horticulture & Hobby Centre” of its kind was opened at Patna, the capital of Bihar.

Since its opening in 1988, IKEBANA has tried to prove the viability of its name as it means and has acquired as a leading company in the hearts of its lovers of Northern & Eastern Indian people by serving them with A to Z items of gardening, horticulture & floriculture objects, natural beautification, consultancy & landscaping services, provison of instant gardening as well as large collection for “Hobby collectors”.

Hence we have tried our best with all your loving and kind support to serve the GARDEN-LOVERS as well as HOBEY KEEPERS by making available “UNTOUCHED” and “DREAMT-AFTER” collections as far as possible.

Our Strength

Confidence of our customers in our products and services.

Our Appeal

We Invite valuable suggestions from our customers and well wishers for the ways through which are enlarge our items and services.

Our Aim

  • Our Aim is centralized only to provide the best products and services to our customers and to retain the confidence of our customers.
  • To bring people close to nature and create awareness about nature and protection for the environment with pollution control.

Our Thought

Our Service is dedicated by our requirements

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