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  • Landscaping Consultancy: We Provide landscaping consultancy services through our landscapers, engineers, horticulturist & architects to provide the best possible landscape, designs&development of gardens, parks etc.
  • FRP Production Unit: Our experts are specialized in creating most natural looking objects.
  • Plant Propagation : The facility is available at our farms for most sophisticated items also.
  • Sophisticated Temprature & Humidity Control: We have seed and bulbs storage chambers to ensure quality through out the years.
  • Seeds Processing Lab: We have most sophisticated machines and equipments and specialized staffs for processing the seeds.
  • Packaging: Our top quality products require not only maximum quality, but also a well-adapted packaging. All materials for seeds, from tins in various sizes to small foils pouches, is made of completely vapourseal materials, which gurantees maximum quality while retaining vigour and germination.
  • R&D Activities: We carry out R&D activities at our different farms and fields trails all the year.
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